Gary Hickling

Gary graduated with a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy, and has since completed a postgraduate qualification as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science, completing the prestigious Gift mentor membership programme from the Gray Institute, USA. As a qualified personal trainer for over 20 years, Gary has always had a keen interest in biomechanical function and movement. As a result Gary is passionate about combining hands-on osteopathic modalities with functional movement assessments to get to the root cause of your pain.

Gary passionately believes that an individual’s symptoms may not necessarily be the cause of their pain, but the effect of dysfunction elsewhere in the body, and as a resultGary relishes the challenge of uncovering the underlying causative factors, and treating this cause not just the symptoms.

Gary’s approach to treatment is very ‘hands on’ he uses soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and articulatory techniques, alongside specialist biomechanical movement assessments, mobility and strengthening exercise to help relieve pain.

When not in clinic Gary enjoys being in the great outdoors be it hiking, camping or fishing.