Golf Performance

Do you want to improve your golf, enhance your performance, play without pain, reduce your risk of injury and have a training program specifically designed for YOUR golf?

The golf swing is a complex athletic motion requiring coordinated sequencing of multiple body segments.  If there are limitations in strength, flexibility, or balance anywhere in the body, it will result in a less efficient and effective swing.

The journey starts with a 3D swing analysis with the goal of finding limitations in your personal swing mechanics be that strength, flexibility or balance in any of the key body parts during the backswing and follow-through. These findings are used to develop a 3D functional performance training program which is individualised to your needs as a golfer.


The functional performance system we use has been designed based on the scientific principles and biomechanics of the body during the swing, it is recognised as 'game changing' by golf professionals and by amateur golf athletes worldwide. It is an athletic level analysis and cutting edge performance program designed to enhance a golfer’s athleticism and performance at all skill levels.

It is our aim to help you better yourself and better your game.