We don’t want to just make you better, we want to make you better than you were before.

We understand you’re unique

At The Movement Practice we believe we’re all shaped by the numerous and varied forces of genetics, lifestyles and what we eat, where we live, and how we cope. These factors determine your physical, mental and emotional health and inform our treatment ensuring that it’s focused on YOUR ability YOUR function YOUR goals and that it’s not the same as the patient before or after you.

We challenge convention

Here at The Movement Practice we don’t follow set protocols, we work with you as an individual. We don’t treat sprained ankles, we treat the person with a sprained ankle. Having undertaken a 5 year Masters degree in Osteopathy we have a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology and we’re not scared to challenge convention with this knowledge as a foundation. This allows us to develop a treatment plan that is unique to you.

We keep it simple

Our aim at The Movement Practice is to always find the most simple solution. We keep things natural and effective - why over complicate anything!

  • You need a body that is pain free and works well for you

  • You need a nourishing natural diet that sustains you and your needs

  • You need to exercise appropriately for you

  • You need sufficient rest and recovery to meet your needs...simple!

We seek long term solutions

Much of what we do involves acute issues. We always strive to get you pain free and back to function as soon as possible. However our aim is to ensure you maintain long term health and fitness. At The Movement Practice we will always work with you to develop a strategy to prevent the issue recurring, ensuring you’re not just better but better than before.