Sports Rehabilitation

Our philosophy is not solely about helping you perform better but move better and feel better too.

We love building strong working relationships with individuals who are in it for the long term. We integrate a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged. This includes:


  • Building strength - strength is more than just muscle gain. It’s a state of mind that we build with you session by session by challenging you and your muscles in a safe environment.

  • Conditioning - no matter what condition you're in we’ll help you achieve your goals whether that’s kicking a ball around with your grandchildren or running the marathon des sables we’ll create a programme to ensure you reach your goals and reach them injury free.

  • Sports specific training - with practice, anybody can become a good competitor, but we take things further using advanced knowledge of biomechanics and functional sports specific 3-dimensional training we can give you the edge.

  • Rehabilitation - whether we have treated you for an injury or you are coming to us for a personal training plan with a history of injury you’re in good hands. We always perform a full evaluation and create a custom training plan specific to your function, your ability and your goals.